Sam had always been the guy who was a step behind, constantly missing the mark. Every opportunity seemed to slip through his fingers, every achievement was just slightly out of reach. The world seemed to play an unending game of keep-away with him, and frustration became his frequent companion. He sometimes felt as though the universe had conspired against him. But everything began to change the day he stumbled upon the idea of Sam Coin. It wasn’t just a cryptocurrency, it was a symbol—a rallying cry for all those who felt like they were perpetually coming up short, always on the cusp but never quite there. With Sam Coin, they weren’t just investing in digital currency, they were banding together, united in their shared experiences and the hope of finally emerging victorious in this unpredictable world.

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Phase 1

Community Building

Conduct AMAs

Website V1 Launch

Phase 2

Twitter Spaces

Connecting to Infuencers

Phase 3

CMC And CG listings

Phase 4

CEX Listings

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